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Genealogical Research Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania (GRSNP) research center is located in the now-secularized Sacred Heart of Jesus Church situated at 1100 Main Street (corner of Main and Brook Streets) in Peckville, northeast of Olyphant.

For directions to GRSNP Center you can also use the Google Map Link on the Inquiries and Contact Page by clicking on the directions button and then entering your starting locations.

Research Services Research Center 

A simple search of a dated name or event $20  - Detailed searches are at the rate of $40 an hour. Postage and photocopies up to $1 are included.

Please send as much data as possible. Place a "?" mark after any data which is questionable. Add a check or money order payable to "GRSNP" and mail to 'RESEARCH COORDINATOR, GRSNP, 1100 Main Street, Peckville, PA 18452' Phone: (570) 383-7661  Fax (570) 383-7466, E-mail:  

You can pay online for research services by Credit Card or PayPal .

GRSNP research center is open on:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - 9.00 am to 2.00 pm

Wednesday night from - 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm by appointment

Saturday – by appointment


Please consider a donation to help GRSNP with the ownership of the new Research Center. See options with research services 
GRSNP’s Microfilm Holding
All Marriages 1885-1996.
All Wills and Probates 1878-1973.
All county births and deaths 1893-1906
All Scranton City births and deaths 1878-1906
All county delayed birth registrations 1878-1906
All Scranton city delayed birth registrations 1878-1906
World War I Draft Registration Cards:
All Lackawanna County World War I Draft Registration cards
All Naturalization documents 1848-1906
Index of Middle District of Pennsylvania 1906-1954
City Directories:
Scranton city directories 1862-1901
Carbondale, 1890, 1903-1916, 1920-1932
Cemetery: Washburn Street Cemetery
Census: 1930 Census
St. Mary's Church Dickson City
St. John's Cathedral, Mayfield
Trinity Church, Carbondale (Episcopal) 1832-1930
St. James Church, Jermyn (Episcopal)
Passenger Lists:
T840-31 7 Dee 1899-5 May 1900.
New York.
T715 -227211 Mar 1914
T715 - 239121 Dee 1914
M237 - 11521 Jun 1852 - 5 July 1852
M237 - 1166 July 1852 - 22 July 1852
M237 - 344 9 Jun 1871 - 28 June 1871
M237 - 450 25 Apr 1882 -10 May 1882
M237- 589 19 May 1892 - 30 May 1892

Noreika Funeral Hone files:


Carbondale Newspapers: 4 Oct 1873 - 20 Apr 1893
The Dunmorean: 7 Jan 1922 - 30 Dec 1922
Olyphant Gazette: 6 June 1914 - June 1915; Jan 1947 - Dec 1947
Elmira Telegram: 1 Jan 1899 - 31 Dec 1899; 1 May 1913 - 28 Dec 1913
Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, Scranton, 1893
Family Trees:
Fullerton Family Tree
Cymanfa Dwyfreinbarth, Pennsylvania 1845 -1896

Marriages 1885-1907.
1930 Census - All Luzerne County
Shawnee Cemetery Burial Permits
Brick Church next to Marcy Cemetery
Nanticoke City Cemetery
World War I Draft Registration Cards:
ALL World War I Draft Registration Cards
City directories:
Wilkes - Barre 1882 -1901
Hazleton 1902 - 1935
Plymouth 1887-1891
Pittston Gazette:
2 Aug 1850 - 30 Dec 1898
6 Jan 1899 - 14 Nov 1903
7 Mar 1913 - 20 Dec 1913
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